Welcome to my world! My name is Elisha and I am now 22 years old. I have just moved from Berlin to Adelaide.


My Mom is a photographer and travels a lot! When I was little, she often took me with her, which was very exciting for me. So I could see a lot of the world. I was especially in love with Rome, Papa’s hometown. The city is beautiful – I love the sumptuous baroque facades of the houses. Rome is the absolute opposite of the small village in Belgium where I grew up.

My greatest passion has always been drawing and writing. I started drawing ever since I can hold a pen in hand. When I was a child, I made small beauty books for my friends and designed a photo journal for my mom.

In high school, I then decided to make drawing and writing to my profession. It began with the fact that I had filled up my student calendar with illustrations, doodles and texts. My friends loved it so much that they gave me their calendars as well. Somehow I had a whole stack of calendars at home.

At 16, a great dream came true. A Australia publisher has published my self-designed student calendar. At the time I did not want to go to school, but rather to earn my money from drawing and writing. My parents were very enthusiastic about it and they’re fully supporting me!

The first student calendar was followed by another year. Meanwhile, I have also published two cookbooks and a DIY book in Australia. My work is a lot of fun. And I am very glad that my parents have always encouraged me to believe in my dream. Through their help and their motivation, my dream has become a reality.

The inspiration for my work is mainly my diaries. They look like collective albums: filled with impressions, pictures and everything that comes to mind. On my blog, I want to share all these ideas and inspirations with you. I wish you also your dreams come true! If you have ideas, tips, suggestions or questions, write me a mail!